Insoluble Sulfur CAS NO.9035-99-8

  • Type:Insoluble Sulfur
  • Molecular:Su
  • CAS NO:9035-99-8
  • Applications:uses insoluble sulfur used rubber industries

Insoluble Sulfur 

1.Chemical Name: polymer sulfur

2.Molecular Formula: Su

3.CAS NO. : 9035-99-8

4.Executive standard:GB/T18952-2003


Non-oil-extended TypeOil-extended Type
IS 60IS 90IS70-20IS60-33IS60-10IS60-05
(Visual inspection)
Yellow powderYellow andnon-risiing powder
Element SulfurContent, % ≥         99.5079.0066.0089.0094.00
Insoluble Sulfur Content,%       ≥60.0090.0070.0060.00
Oil Content,%      19.00
Acidity(H2SO4),%       ≤0.05
Loss ondrying(60oC),%      ≤0.50
Ash, %       ≤0.30
Residues on 150μmsieve,   %≤0.30

6.Properties: nature nontoxic, combustible, yellow powder. As with the S-isomer, said mu-sulfur, high polymerization forms were not soluble in carbon disulfide and other solvents. Mu-sulfur instability can be gradually transformed into cubic crystal-sulfur, a few weeks at room temperature 50% change, as long as 80oCwith changes in a few minutes, this need by adding stabilizer to reduce its rate of change.

7.Application: uses insoluble sulfur used rubber industries, as curing agents make rubber surface spray cream, which will improve the steel-adhesive binding, because the plastic uniform distribution, which would ensure the quality of vulcanization, is the best rubber curing agent, it is widely used tire carcass compound , in particular meridian tires all steel, can also be used for cable, Cots, rubber products such as rubber compound.

8.Packing: Polypropylene knitted bags lined with polyethylene bags.Net weight 25kg per bag.

9.Storage: The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation, avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight. 

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